How do you feel when you go to bed at night?

Have you accomplished the things that are most important, the things in line with who God says you are and the things God has called you to do?

What do you imagine it would feel like to know that for several days in a row you accomplished those things?

Where would you find yourself if you did that for a whole year?

The following are comments I hear from a lot of people:

“My life feels out of control.”
“I work so hard, but nothing seems to ever get done.”
“I am busy all the time doing so many things, but I don’t feel like I ever get to the things that are most important to me.”
“You always seem to move forward.”

When I began walking in my call, I had my husband, three school age children, and worked full time. Yet, I managed to walk according to God’s call on my life.

First, let’s get this straight right off the bat. I am NOT saying, “just pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.” None of this can be accomplished in your own strength. There are major parts to this call thing that only God can do. Yet, we have a part to play, a responsibility as well. Jesus told a paralyzed man to take up his mat and walk. He had to actually DO something. He had a part to play in walking out the call from Jesus.

So, what exactly are “The Four Questions? They are:

What does God desire to do IN me this year?
What does God desire to do THROUGH me this year?
What PRIORITIES will I need to establish in order for that to be realized?
What BOUNDARIES will I have to establish in order for that to be realized?

Notice that each question is about what GOD wants to do.

In order to become who He created us to be we have to yield to HIS plan. We will have to give up our control and let Him be in control. We will need to align our will with His and listen to what he wants to say.

Are YOU listening?

Get ready for the door that opens! Ask Holy Spirit for the strategy for Moving Forward this year!

The Light is about to turn green! Green means Go!