“Your message challenged us to have courage, to prepare, to plan and build our confidence in the strategy of God for our lives. You reminded us to recognize that in this hour like no other, it is within our grasp to determine our true kingdom potential. Your impartation has made us courageous!”
– “S”, Dayspring Church

“Hello Kim! So happy to be connected with you from over here (Egypt). Just want you to know that till this very moment I keep telling my friends about that unforgettable meeting and prayer I attended with you in California. How it was such a blessing for my life till today!”
-“M”  (Egyptian Entrepreneur)

“Dr. Maas words are failing me as I try to write you.  The word you spoke over me this morning was so accurate, so powerful, and you could not know how “on time”. I am a disabled veteran of the war in Afghanistan, during my combat tour, one of the bloodiest in the history of the war, I lost many friends, and since then lost many more to suicide and alcohol/drugs. I got involved in a church when I left the marines, dedicating myself to serving the Lord…I was working some people who took advantage of my desire to serve, abused my desire to distract my mind from battle scars, and eventually, I discovered, were bad mouthing me to  the congregation. I have a difficult time with trust anyways.  But that betrayal hurt me and I did not trust anyone, least of all a pastor or someone in church.  But you ma’am reintroduced me to the God who heals.  Thank you. I can’t express thanks enough for your obedience to deliver God’s word. Thank you!”

Dr. Kim Maas ministered in several denominations, states within the U.S., and Brazil in 2014. She ministered at several conferences including The Voice of The Prophets, a Supernatural School of Ministry, regional leaders gatherings, national leaders gatherings, pastors gatherings, house gatherings, church services, a private Christian school graduation, and a Holiday tea at a historic church in California.

It has been a very fruitful time. Both men and women, leaders at every level, and children have been part of these ministry times. As in the first half of the year, God moved with intention and intensity through prophetic words, inner and physical healing, prophetic preaching, salvation, signs and wonders, corporate and personal ministry, commissioning, impartations, activations, Spirit-baptisms, and prophetic intercession.

In September, Dr. Kim also reported experiencing the Holy Spirit move corporately for deliverance at a gathering of about 350 women from several denominational (Pentecostals, Main-Line Evangelicals, Catholics, and Charismatics) and ethnic backgrounds. Immediately following the message, as she called for the Holy Spirit to come, a hush fell over the room. The presence was thick and heavy. Soon soft whimpers and weeping began moving into travail for many.  Many, many women reported receiving deliverance and freedom from specific bondages in their lives. The Pastors remarked this was a new experience for them. They had heard of corporate deliverance happening in other places but had never experienced this before.

The final ministry opportunity of 2014 was held in Hemet, California at The Dwelling Place under Pastor’s Bob and Susan Beckett whose church and ministry were featured in George Otis Jr’s “transformation” video’s. God is on the move in this obscure town in this church. We had a significant time of ministry there.

A fun thing happened while Dr. Kim was ministering in Arizona. She was awakened by a terrible migraine the morning after ministering to leaders. She did everything she knew to do and it just kept intensifying. The pastor had a personal massage therapist who took her in at noon to help through massage therapy. Interestingly, Dr. Kim reports she fell into a dreamlike state while on the table and had a prophetic daydream. She saw her therapist traveling to nations with a missions team. When She gave the vision to the woman she was undone. She said it is her calling and dream to be a missionary, both for her and her husband, but they had come up on some obstacles. For now she was “doing what was in her hand.” She said she had wondered if God was ever going to speak about it and if her dream was truly from the Lord. It was so like God redeem that horrific headache!

From Kim’s Personal Journal:

“Tonight I was part of a five person team with Blaine Cook sent to a church in Brazil. The place was PACKED. One of our team preached a message and then we began the ministry time. From the start were several sovereign healings from the words of knowledge we each gave. Then the power of God started falling on people.

A young woman with ovarian cysts came forward and the power of God came on her like fire. We all prayed for her and she started shouting GLORY! She said was receiving healing. There was fire was in her belly. Then it began to happen to a woman with metastasized cancer. Blaine brought her up to lay hands on her and she fell out under the power shaking and on fire. Then she began to laugh with holy laughter. After about 30 minutes she began declaring she was healed. Apparently the cancer was everywhere in her body and the pain was excruciating…the pain was completely gone.

After, I gave a word to the church about God wanting to heal anxiety and depression and more than half the church stood up. We then offered to lay hands on people for healing if they still needed anything…the entire church came forward for prayer. We each prayed for about 50 people. All but one person in my line got healed. Two different men felt something in their spines pop and had all their pain leave. A man with polio fell out under the power and shook for over 10 minutes. When he got up he said he felt something reconnect in his spine during that time and power like electricity was shooting up and down his spine and withered leg. All his pain was gone. He said he felt he was in the clouds and was so very happy shouting GLORIA DEUS over and over! His wife was a bit afraid and kept asking what is happening.

I also prayed for a little girl who had pain and clicking in her knees. She began trembling under the power of the Holy Spirit and then she could fully bend her knees without pain. I told her God wanted to make her able to dance and she was lit up like a Christmas tree! She danced all over the room. The team prayed for a little deaf girl and her ear opened! Many more amazing things happened. God loves his people. He loves to meet them at their point of need. What a great and merciful God we serve! Gloria Deus!”