Prophecy & Prophetic Community Series Bundle

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There are six booklets in the Prophecy Community Series. The Power of Words is the first book. It is the place to begin. Understanding and taking seriously the power of the spoken word is of utmost importance if we are going to be a people who say what God is saying.

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Prophecy & Prophetic Community Series is a powerful 6 booklet series. Each booklet unpacks an aspect of the prophetic and prophetic community in the local church. Whether you are new to the prophetic wanting to learn more, or are established in the prophetic and want to go deeper – this series has something for everyone.

Booklet 1: The Power of Words – Can We Be Trusted With God’s Secrets?
Booklet 2: Foundations – What the Bible Says About Prophecy
Booklet 3: The Gift of Prophecy – Part 1
Booklet 4: The Gift of Prophecy – Part 2
Booklet 5: Bridges – Old and New Testament Prophets and Prophecy
Booklet 6: Prophecy Q&A.

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