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June 29, 2016

Living By Every Word That Proceeds from the Mouth of God:  Dr. Kim Maas

“Have you received a prophetic word for your life? What have you done with it?”

This is the question I recently asked the students in an on-line prophecy course. Not surprisingly, a large number of them responded with something like, “Nothing really. I am waiting for it to come to pass.” Some of them had prayed about it, but more did not understand the word they had received because of the symbolism it contained.

In Acts Chapter two Peter stands up, filled with the Holy Spirit, and gives his landmark prophetic sermon. We learn the Holy Spirit has not only been poured out, but we each have been given a prophetic vocation–a call to be a prophetic people. The New Testament Community is to be a prophetic Community in which all God’s people hear the voice of God and operate in the giving and receiving of prophecy.

Receiving a prophetic word is an exciting, but serious business.

We are to be people who who do not “live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the Mouth of God.” Jesus told us the Holy Spirit, who alone fully knows the heart of God, would teach us all things, remind us of what Jesus said, and tell us of things to come.

Prophecy is God-speech. Some call it “dark speech” because it is mysterious, not always plainly spoken, defined or understood. Prophecy by definition is divine revelation. Something not previously seen or known, now being revealed by God is what we call prophetic revelation. When we receive a prophetic word, God is speaking. He is releasing revelation for our lives that we might be transformed as we are encouraged, built up and comforted.

The revelation given in a prophetic word will need to be interpreted and applied to our lives if it is to be effectual in transforming us.

Prophecy can be forth telling revealing what God is doing and how he sees circumstances or foretelling revealing what God will do in the future. These allow us to join him where he is working, aligning ourselves with Him. Some prophetic words reveal aspects of our identity, gifting and call so we can begin to understand who we are, how we are gifted, and what we are called to. Some prophetic words reveal insight, knowledge and wisdom for circumstances and events. This helps us understand how God sees them and allows to make the right decisions and keep a right attitude. Some prophetic words are prescriptive diagnosing a problem and giving the solution. Some words are directive. They reveal the direction or actions God desires for us to take so we move forward in his purposes. They often give details for understanding the big picture.

Prophecy is supernatural. It is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit and contains creative divine power. When we receive it, that power is released to create something out of nothing, order out of chaos, and life from the dead.

Before we go on, it is important to point out prophetic words are NOT magic.

What do I mean by this? It means that if I am called to be an astronaut in my youth, but decide I will not step into training and preparation for the call, the prophetic word about the call on my life is not magically going to put me in a rocket ship.

We have all been created in the Imago Dei (Image of God). This means we choose whether or not we will come into alignment and agreement with what God says and does. In other words, we have been given the “ability to respond” and therefore a “responsibility” on our end.

There certainly are prophetic words that are unconditional, meaning they will come to pass completely as a sovereign act of God. Most of these are contained in the prophetic promises of God in scripture. However, nearly all of the personal prophetic words we will receive are conditional in nature, meaning we have a responsibility to meet in order that they are released in fullness into our lives. Prophecy is the potential and the creative power of God to transform and bring our lives into the fulfillment of God’s dreams for us, but we have a responsibility to respond with agreement, prayer, and action.

This is not about receiving God’s love. This is about aligning with God’s revelatory word and receiving the effectual working of his power in order to fulfill the purposes for which we were created! As God’s people who are a prophetic people, who live in prophetic community and receive prophetic revelation, we have a responsibility.

What is this responsibility as it relates to prophecy? Response. We have been given the ability to respond, and therefore we have a responsibility to respond.

What does response to a prophetic word entail?


  1. Test Apply the tests of prophecy to the word
    • Does the word line up with Scripture?
    • Does it resonate in your spirit?
    • Does it rightly represent the revealed nature and character of God?
    • Do those who have been placed in your life for accountability and leadership agree with it?


  1. Transcribe (write it out). If you received it on audio file, write it out word for word. If it was spontaneous and not recorded, immediately write out what you remember.
  1. Ask Questions (in the presence of the Holy Spirit) and journal the answers
  • Is this word about identity, destiny, direction, correction, insight and wisdom, or prescription?
  • Are there things I need to stop doing or start doing?
  • Is there something God is wanting me to learn about myself, about him, about my circumstances?
  • Is there a scripture? If there is a scripture, study the scripture to receive all the insight and application contained in it.
  • Is there a timing in it? If there is no specific timing, be careful about assigning one!
  • Is there any action to be taken, direction to change or take, solution to be applied?
  • Is there symbolic language or symbolism contained in it or a picture, a vision, a dream? Research the meaning of the symbols in order to get the insight and application they contain.
  • Does the word reveal the future? If so, what will I be looking for, expecting, preparing for?
  • Are there clues contained in the word so that I will know it is coming and has come to pass?
  1. Pray Tell the Lord you agree and receive it and give the Spirit permission to do whatever it will take to see this come to pass in your life! Ask the Lord to add to it! Declare the promises in the word, the identity insights, and the scriptural aspects over your life. Ask him to help you change where he has reveals things need to change. Repent of anything that you have held onto that he is asking you to let go of…etc.
  1. Plan Think through the answers to the questions you asked as you processed the word and create a plan of action. What further actions are required? Make a list of goals with the corresponding actions and create space in your calendar to achieve them. Enlist accountability partners and share the word with what you have understood about it. Perhaps share it with leadership.
  1. ACT As we have learned, prophecy is God speech. In Scripture, “hearing” includes obedience to the word heard. In John Jesus said, “If you love me, obey my commands”. Throughout the Old Testament we find all the great men and women of faith responding to the word heard with obedience through testing and trial to fulfillment. Faith is responding to revelation. Hearing is acting in obedience to the revelation.

This type of lived out strategy releases the power and potential of the prophetic words you receive!

Watch and see what God does as you begin the journey!


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January 8, 2016

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January 4, 2016

km_nowGet ready! We have entered into NOW time.

2016 is going to come like a mighty rushing wind and turn many things around.

There is coming recovery, new birth, promotion, increasing favor, and an accelerated re-positioning for harvest for those who have suffered great loss in the last 5 years and who have remained in covenant relationship with God.

Inter-generational, inter-denominational, and male/female partnerships will increase and have amplified divine favor to advance the Kingdom of God.

Women Leaders will continue to be raised up in every sector of society and ministry all over the world.